Name: Vishal Kasliwal

State: Virginia
Country: United States
Sex: Male
Age: 38

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September 2007

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I'm Back!

Finally gotten back to AATrade after a long long time. I tried playing 0.3 when it was still in beta, but the bugs and missing features kept my level of interest low. Learning this new version is great fun. I reconnected with Shessomaru by accident and it was great! Ten minutes after creating my game profile, I run across this planet. The owner's online, so I think to myself - if I can get someone to watch the sector with a nova bomb ready, I can entice the player back to his planet by offering myself as bait! Couldn't find a suitable person online, but I did notice that my target had a very good kill tally. So I thought - Hmmm, could be someone I knew from back in 0.20. I messeged the person saying - you're probably either Shessomaru, Ak5intoe or Oakman. Turns out it was Shess!! Things don't change much, I guess.
Since I'm learning the new rules, I guess it won't hurt to share the knowledge with other people, so look back here for observations and thoughts on how to play the new version.

PS: If I've run across you before, please messege me. It'll be nice to reconnect with people I used to know.

Post Date: Sep 25, 2007 - 7:38 pm

Capital Ale House

Capital Ale house is awesome. 350 beers from all over the world, special promotions, etc..
Coyote, Maniac and I were down there last night and picked Murphy's Irish Stout because it was the beer for the Steal-A-Glass night. Good times! To anyone who decides to swing by our little town thats hardly ever in the news (well, except yesterday for the disasterous Apple giveaway!), visit Capital Ale House at Innesbrook (off West Broad St.) and pay us a visit.

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Post Date: Aug 17, 2005 - 6:23 pm

Efficiency Rating

The effeciency rating is your score divided by the number of turns you've used up. The key to obtaining a very high efficiency rating is to maximise your credit production without sweating too much. Here are some general guidelines to follow.
1. Stop trading as soon as you can. This should be soon after you can afford your first Voyager. Trade runs are nice in the short term, but in the long run, thy use up far too many turns.
2. Now that you're no longer trading, go on the offensive. Capture some nice cash filled planets. Look especally for planets belonging to higher ranked players. They're more likely to have more cash and the player is also less likely to mind loosing them. Attack planets belonging to players who have been offline for a long time. The planet has probably maxed out as a result.
3. Once you can afford to fire off a few SG torps, start building your own SG. Hide it well. Populate each planet with only one boatload of colonists. Sure, it'll take time for the  planet to reach the maximum population level, but you can spend the time collecting interest and hanging out with your gilfriend (Get this upgrade soon, it rocks!). As your captured planets start making you the big bucks, build more SGs.
5. Keep Nova bombs to a minimum. It's easier to pay a lower ranked player to Nova a sector for you, and if you follow these guidelines well, you'll have a lot of small fish to draw on.
6. Pick your targets well. If your teammates don't care about their efficiency rating, let them do the attacking.

Have fun flying around!

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Post Date: Jul 25, 2005 - 5:05 am

Gameplay change.

So here's an idea that'd actually impact gameplay.
When players start the game, they'd start as merchants and be able to purchase a smaller variety of ships (primarily Super Cargos with bigger engines). They are under Federation authority and are not allowed to build planets (because that's dominating them which the Feds frown upon). They cannot be attacked without bounty either. Players make more trading in Federation space, allowing players to build a decent score (rank 20-40 overall). Warlords cannot trade in Federation space (they'd get hit by the Fed Battlecruiser). When a player wants to, they can declare themselves Warlords by building a planet outside Federation space (which would have to consist of more than just a hundred sectors). At this point, they are bounty free and can attack each other as long as they leave Merchants alone. Attacking a Merchant would result in a huge bounty. Warlords can petition to reneter the Federation but they'd have to sacrifice all their  planets and pay some tax (a sizeable sum actually). The 0.30 bounty system could be added on top by having two factions of independent Warlords (good and bad). So Warlords could be either good, bad or neutral based on what they trade or whom they attack. The purpose of this modification would be to let people build some cash without worrying about being attacked by each other.  

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Post Date: Jun 20, 2005 - 7:06 pm

Resource Issues

I don't like the way Power is set up right now as a tech level. It doesn't make sense that you'd collect more Energy than you spend Real Spacing. IMO from a realistic standpoint, it'd be better to be able to either buy Energy at ports or collect it while the ship is lying in a sector. Ships with a higher Power level would accumulate Energy faster and be able to hold more Energy. That way there'd be some bonus for the poor newcomers who sleep in their capital ships!!!
For that matter I don't like how you can have an Organics port in the middle of nowhere.
So here's how it'd make more sense (to me anyway). The Feds set up Upgrades at regular intervals through the Galaxy in Fed sectors. That way newbs don't get stuck out in the middle of nowhere. Upgrades can also generate in random sectors that are not in Fed space. The same applies for Devices and Spacedocks. So instead of the Feds controlling the first 100 sectors (or whatever), they'd control sectors at regular, predictable, easy to get to intervals  so that players can't hog Upgrades ports (which is what happens now and sucks for people starting the game, especially when the Universe is small).
Ore and goods ports can spring up at random, corrosponding to miners mining asteriods for Ore in space or industrialists producing Goods in zero-g factories. Energy ports should be called Fuel ports and should only spring up in systems with stars corrosponding to Hydrogen collected from those stars. Organics should not have a port, but should only be produceable on planets.
The only major change in gameplay that this would prompt is that players would have the option of producing either cash on planets or Organics and trading that for cash based on the prices that they find at ports.

Post Date: Jun 20, 2005 - 6:57 pm